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Scrambling & Mountaineering;

Skills & Development courses


Stunning views, ancient rock and historic routes. These things combined make scrambling the ultimate Scottish mountain experience.

Scrambling, the British name for mountaineering, is all about making easy climbing moves high in the mountains, bringing exposure and commitment to your adventure. It's the middle ground between walking and climbing and provides some of the finest Scottish mountain days imaginable.


The main difference between scrambling and rock climbing is that scrambling draws on a broader range of mountaineering skills to allow you to swiftly, but safely travel through stunning mountain scenery.

We guide on practically all of the classic Scottish scrambling and mountaineering routes and some rare gems too, but also offer a range of skills and development courses, allowing you the opportunity to efficiently and safely learn the skills required to follow someone more experienced, lead your own routes or increase the difficulty of routes you currently climb. All under the watchful eye of a qualified Mountaineering Instructor.


Whatever your objective, EverydayClimbing is here to support you. Look though our popular options below, or contact us to discuss a personalised, tailored experience. 



Introduction & refresh

Fort William or Aviemore

1 Day | Max Ratio 1:2 | From £105


This one day option gives you the opportunity to spend a full day with a qualified and experienced Mountaineering Instructor. They will help you develop any part of your skill-set required in a practical way. 

This is the ideal course for those who have done no scrambling or mountaineering before and want to learn to become a competent member of a team or those who wish to refine specific areas of their skill-set, such as self -rescue, retreat, abseiling or rope work. 

We always aim to make this day as efficient and beneficial as possible, with minimal classroom time and a short approach to a suitable venue, maximising your learning opportunity's.



Skills development

Fort William or Aviemore

2 Days | Max Ratio 1:2 | From £200


Our two day development course is very versatile, this course is about refreshing, updating and developing your hard skills, whilst building your confidence to get more adventurous.

This is the ideal course if you have already have some experience of scrambling or mountaineering and want to build on your knowledge, or if you are looking to increase the range of routes open to you.

If you have a particular aim or objective in mind, please ensure to let us know in advance, so we can tailor the course content and the venue to maximise your learning opportunities.

Learning to lead a scrambling route


Learn to lead

Fort William or Aviemore

3 Days | Max Ratio 1:2 | From £285


Our full learn to lead course covers all the essential skills for safe, self-guided travel through the exposed mountaineering terrain you would expect to find on classic UK scrambling routes.


We cover defensive and efficient movement, rope work, belaying, placing protection whilst lead climbing, anchor selection, abseiling, using guidebooks, psychology, retreat skills and route selection.


We choose suitable safe routes for you to hone your skills before deploying them on a coveted classic.

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