Outcrop Climbing Top Rope Development Course


This two day development course focusses on the additional skill and judgement required to setup top and bottom rope systems. It's about refreshing, updating and developing your rope-work skills, whilst building your confidence to get more adventurous. 


The course can be based from either Aviemore or Fort William 



Some experience of following a leader in a single or multi pitch enviroment.


Is it for me? 

This is the ideal course if you have already have some experience of rock climbing and you are ready to build on your knowledge. As well as covering and refreshing all the basic core competencies required to be a safe second climber, we look at the rope-work knowledge and judgement required to set up top and bottom rope systems.



The course is flexible, taking into account prevailing conditions and your current level of experience but through exploring gear placement and anchor systems, by the end of the course you will know how to select suitable anchors and build a robust top or bottom rope system. You will understand how to solve common problems and issues associated with these systems, know their limitations and have a greater understanding of the range, type and use of technical climbing equipment. We typically include a workshop on abseiling as part of this course.


The topics are covered thoughout the two days in a practical, hands-on format with discussions and workshops.


Additional information 

With a maximum ratio of 1:2 this course ensures plenty of contact time with an experienced Mountaineering Instructor. Use of any required climbing and mountaineering equipment is included, but you are welcome to use your own familiar equipment. If you have a particular aim or objective in mind, please ensure to let us know in advance, so we can tailor the course content and the venue to maximise your learning opportunities.

Outcrop Climbing Top Rope Development Course