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Multi-Pitch Learn To Lead Course


Our full learn to lead course covers all the core competencies for safely leading your own multi-pitch traditional climbing routes, regardless of their location in the UK.


The course can be based from either Aviemore or Fort William 



Experience of following a leader on graded single or multi-pitch rock routes.


Is it for me? 

This in-depth course is ideal for those who have some prior experience of following a lead climber in a single or multi-pitch setting (or those who have experience of leading their own indoor climbing or sport climbing routes) and are eager to start to lead their own outdoor multi-pitch routes. 



The course is flexible, taking into account prevailing conditions and your current level of experience.


The course content is comprehensive, covering guidebook use, crag access and legislation, route assessment, climbing technique for leaders, gear placement, anchor selection and building, advanced rope work, stance management, proper communication, bringing up and protecting seconds, risk management, solutions to common problems, basic self-rescue, abseiling, multi-pitch retreats and much more. 


Most of the course is spent actually climbing, demonstrating the skills and techniques a real, dynamic setting.


Over the three days we suitable safe routes for you to hone your skills before deploying them on a coveted classic.


Additional information 

With a maximum ratio of 1:2, this course ensures plenty of contact time with an experienced Mountaineering Instructor. Use of any required climbing and mountaineering equipment is included, but you are welcome to use your own familiar equipment. If you have a particular aim or objective in mind, please ensure to let us know in advance, so we can tailor the course content and the venue to maximise your learning opportunities.

Multi-Pitch Learn To Lead Course

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