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2 Day Mountain Navigation Course


Bookable as 1:1 course or up to a max ratio of 1:4. 

This two day long mountain navigation course teaches you all the core techniques required to navigate in the mountains. Skills such as route planning, map scales and key identification systems, contour and landform interpretation, compass use, bearings, pacing and timing and relocation methods are covered in a thorough and practical way. All topics take the form of a journey into the Scottish mountains. 



The course can be based from either Aviemore or Fort William 



Some experience of hill walking experience is required. Determination is a must as the day can be demanding. We may be on the hill for up to 6 hours.


Is it for me? 

This is the ideal course for those who have little to no mountain navigation experience. During the two days you gain a practical working knowledge of the techniques required to safely navigate in complicated terrain and in a wide variety of conditions. The techniques taught will be utilised in a wide range of situations and much of the course will be away from main trails and paths. We introduce the techniques organically and you will have many opportunities to practise and refine them over the two days. There will be discussions on how to apply the techniques to different environments and in different seasons.



The course is flexible, taking into account prevailing conditions and your current level of experience. If you have a particular aim or objective in mind, please ensure to let us know in advance, so we can tailor the course content and the venue to maximise your learning opportunities. A standard course lesson plan would cover the following key skills in detail;


Route planning, map scales and key identification systems, contour and landform interpretation, compass use including taking and using bearings, pacing and timings and relocation methods in different visibility levels.


Additional information 

With a maximum ratio of 1:4 this course ensures plenty of contact time with an experienced Instructor. Use of navigational equipment can be provided free of charge, or we can advise on suitable equipment to purchase. Please contact us for more details. For an additional fee we can offer a night wild camping on this course, giving you the opportunity to develop and refine your navigations skills further, in a realistic, low visibility environment.

2 Day Mountain Navigation Course

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