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Mountain Navigation

Skills & Development Courses

Mountain navigation can be an activity in its own right, a way to access more ambitious objectives and a life saving skill...

Sometimes all on the same day! 


At EverydayClimbing we are passionate about teaching practical, useful and above all accurate navigation; and can work with you to build confidence and precision into your route planning and its execution of the mountain, regardless of terrain or conditions.


We have practical experience of navigating in high and lowland areas, at night, in winter, in storm conditions and every combination of these situations you can think of. Using our experience and knowledge base, we run hands on courses focussing on real world situations, providing practical solutions to common navigational challenges.


Details of our popular options can be found below, these navigation courses can be based from either Fort William or Aviemore. However, if you have specific aim or objective in mind then please contact us, as other locations may be more suitable to your learning needs.

Compass & Map


Introduction & key skills

Fort William or Aviemore

1 Day | Max Ratio 1:4 | From £60


This one day course explores the core techniques of mountain navigation by introducing and practising them during the course of a journey into the Scottish hills, ensuring that the skills are taught in a realistic setting.

This is the ideal course for those who have done no mountain navigation before and are keen to learn the basics for staying safe or those who wish to refine specific areas of their skill-set, such as pacing  bearings, timings, contour interpretation or more.

We always aim to make this day as efficient and beneficial as possible, with minimal classroom time and a short approach to a suitable venue, maximising your opportunity to get hands on.

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Skills development

Fort William or Aviemore

2 Days | Max Ratio 1:4 | From £110


This two day long mountain navigation course teaches you all the core techniques required to navigate in the mountains.


Skills such as route planning, map scales and key identification systems, contour and landform interpretation, compass use, bearings, pacing, timing and relocation methods are covered in a thorough and practical way.

This is an ideal course for those with little or no mountain navigation experience as during the two days you will gain a practical working knowledge of the techniques required to safely navigate in typical upland terrain and in a wide variety of conditions.

The course is flexible, taking into account prevailing conditions and your current level of experience. If you have a particular aim or objective in mind, please ensure to let us know in advance, as we can tailor the course content and the venues to maximise your learning opportunities.

For an additional fee we can offer a night wild camping on this course, giving you the opportunity to develop and refine your navigations skills further, in a remote, low visibility environment.

Camping in Mountains


Advanced skills

Fort William or Aviemore

3 Days | Max Ratio 1:4 | From £150


This extensive three day course covers all the fundamental and advanced navigation techniques required to be self reliant, whilst navigating in any area of the UK's upland regions and in any conditions, day or night. 

This is a great course for total beginners or those who have a little mountain navigation experience but wish to become fully confident at accessing remote areas of the UK upland environment 


During the three days and one night with your instructor, you will gain a thorough working knowledge of the techniques required. The techniques taught will be practised in a range of situations and much of the course will be away from main trails and paths.

As part of the course we spend a night wild-camping so we can develop and test your skills further, by navigating and locating features in darkness. This simulates poor visibility and ensuring you leave the course truly confident in your abilities.

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