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Mountain & Munro Guiding


If you are here, looking at this page, then you are probably already aware of an undeniable fact: Scotland is home to the finest complete rock climbing experiences in the UK.


Mountains that rise directly from the sea, upon which climbing routes trace lines up some of the most ancient rock on the planet.

The longest rock climb in the UK? The hardest rock climb in the UK? The most remote rock climb in the UK? All here.

And where else in the British Isles can you be sure of not simply being the only person on a crag, but the only person on an entire mountain!


EverydayClimbing exists to celebrate and share the wealth and variety that not only the Scottish rock has to offer, but also the magnificent and awe-inspiring scenery, the sense of history, the wide open spaces, the clean fresh air and the possibility of solitude.


We guide on practically all of the most iconic and classic Scottish rock climbing routes, from the easy and accessible; to the extremely hard and the extremely remote. Below, you’ll find details all of our most popular trips and experiences, all of which seek out only the finest, 'must do', 3* routes. 

You will also find details of our signature, short climbing expeditions in the Scottish wilderness. 

Marked with an *, these truly special, multi-day trips take us deep into remote corries and to distant cliff faces. They are the ultimate, immersive climbing experience and we invite you to join us in the adventure.


EverydayClimbing offers guiding services from the best rock climbing in Cairngorms national park to the far North-West Highlands. So whatever your objective, we can support you. If the standard options below don't quite suit what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss a personalised, tailored experience.

Prices quoted are for one day experiences except where specified. We offer increasingly generous discounts for multi-day bookings, so the more you climb, the cheaper it gets! Please contact us for more information. 

For information on how we grade our rock climbing experiences, please see our Grades Explained Page.

Fort William


Dalwhinnie Rock Climbing Experiences


Aviemore Rock Climbing Experiences



Braemar Rock Climbing Experiences



Ballater Rock Climbing Experiences



Wester Ross Rock Climbing Experiences

Wester Ross


The Sea Stacks

The Sea Stacks
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